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5 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PetSmart Charities for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you been thinking about adopting a pet but end up hesitating? Check out our 5 reasons to adopt a pet that just might make you reconsider! 

Mr. Savvy and I are definitely big animal lovers and have adopted a few cats over the years. At first we had grand ideas of these super cool breeds of cats and dogs we'd like to one day own.

But, after we couldn't say no to adopting a pair of super cute kittens that needed a good home, we've definitely seen the light that it's so much better to adopt pets from rescues and shelters than to buy them.

Honestly, there are a ton of reasons to adopt a pet, but here are 5 reasons to adopt a pet that I find to be the most important in honor of National Adoption Weekend. pip

This is our kitten a couple days after we adopted him last year from a rescue that often visits PetSmart. He was (and still is) so tiny and cute!

1. You're literally saving a life and bringing an animal unending happiness.  We unfortunately still live in days where shelters are over capacity which often results in animals having to be euthanized because there is simply no room for them.

Others live out the majority of their time in cages and don't get the love, interaction, and playtime they deserve. By adopting one of these animals ,you're not only saving a life but also giving them unending happiness.

Some not familiar with animals may think they aren't capable of showing emotion but if you allow yourself to bond with a pet for even just a short amount of time, you'll find out just how untrue that is.

2. Adopted pets have usually already received some shots. When you adopt a pet, the animal will usually have all their shots up to date and already had a wellness check.

The animal may already be spayed or neutered as well, and sometimes may have even been micro-chipped. Most of the time you'll also be provided with a bit of their current food to transition with and a few toys to get started with.

puppy 2

3. Adopted pets are usually pretty well behaved and socialized. Before having the chance to be adopted, most shelter and rescue animals are exposed to a variety of situations to see how they react and any training they need.

When you adopt a pet, you can often expect them to be house trained for dogs and to use a litter box for cats.

They should also be able to tell you if the animal has an issue with getting along with other pets or children, or has certain anxiety triggers like a thunderstorm.

Most animals have also been socialized with a variety of other animals and people, which is very important to prevent behavioral issues down the road.

4. You get to experience unconditional love and loyal companionship. My favorite thing about having pets is all the love and companionship you receive from them.

They don't care if you've had a crappy day or if you have the flu, they're always there for you to talk to (sometimes the inability for them to talk back is priceless) or just sleep by your side.

There's nothing like coming home and having your pet be so excited to see you and them bringing you toys to play fetch. kitten 5. Your life will be happier and likely less stressful. I won't lie and say pet ownership is always sunshine and rainbows.

There are scary times when your pet can be sick and times of frustration like chewing up your shoes or not "going potty" where you'd like them to, but most of the time pets just bring so much more happiness to your life.

Honestly, they're so cute and loving it's hard to be mad at them when they do misbehave. They often know when you're having a bad day and don't feel well and are more than happy just to cuddle with you on the couch.

There have even been studies proving that owning a pet really does reduce your stress level and can even lower your blood pressure during stressful events than those without pets.

They're amazing companions that can help you get through dark times in life and give you a reason to get out of  bed in the morning.

They're also great conversation starters and can help you make friends with other pet owners! puppy I also want to mention that adopting older pets is a great thing, not just kittens and puppies.

I used to think that older pets might have behavioral issues and always adopted young pets, but we took in an abandoned cat a couple of months ago that is estimated to be  3 - 4 years old and he is one of the sweetest, well-behaved cats I've ever met.

He even immediately got along with our other cats.

Have you ever adopted a pet? If so, what are your favorite reasons to adopt a pet?