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Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you use to make your recipes, take photos, etc.?

Please see our tools of the trade list for a variety of products we use to produce our articles.

May I use your content on my own site/social media or a site/social media I work for?

Yes, you may use our content on sites you own or work for under the following conditions:

  • One photo may be used in your article and/or a collage for your article as long as you do not alter the photo nor place your own watermark on the photo. You must also link back to the article you got the photo from within your article – not just
  • Please use your own wording when mentioning our content on your site or social media. While you may include a list of ingredients, you must link back to the article you’re referring to for any directions and other information. You may not use any of our full recipes or directions within your articles.
  • We greatly appreciate having our content shared on your social networks. You are welcome to use our photos as long as it links to the post on our site the photo was used in. You may not use our photos to promote other websites.

Any of our content found on other sites that do not follow these conditions will either be emailed to ask for changes, sent a DMCA notice, and/or reported for copyright infringement as applicable.