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Smart Savvy Living Review and Giveaway Policies

Psst...if you're interested in something aside from reviews and/or giveaways, you'll want to check out our Advertising Page for more information. :)

Review Policies:

  • Reviews are free of charge with product(s) valued at a minimum of $100. Products may be combined with or include gift cards/PayPal payment to reach the $100 minimum. Review products must be full-size in order to adequately review the product.  Special consideration may be made for products of lesser value.
  • Review product(s) must be supplied by the business and shipped to Michelle Pegram of  Smart Savvy Living at the supplier’s cost. Any products sent COD or that incur any other charges that I’m expected to pay will be declined.
  • Review items will not be returned as they are considered compensation for the time taken to thoroughly review and promote your product.
  • Reviews are posted within 6-8 weeks after receiving the product (special requests for specific dates may be entertained) and will include a NOFOLLOW link to your brand/product page and your social media sites, if desired. Reviews also include my own photos/videos and an in-depth recount of the experience that the Mr., our cats, and/or I had using the product. You will be sent a link to the review upon completion and it will be shared on my social media networks with a reach of 60,000+.
  • Reviews will not include specific wording provided by the sponsor as these are written testimonials of our own experiences. If you would like to have specific wording advertised for your brand, please contact us about a sponsored conversation.
  • Discounts, sales and coupon codes are welcomed to be included in conjunction with reviews free of charge. However, any future sales or discount codes requested to be posted will be subject to additional cost.
  • In the event of a negative review, I will contact you prior to writing the review to see if you’d like to proceed.
  • I reserve the right to not post a review for products where the above requirements haven’t been met.
  • All posted reviews, including images and video Smart Savvy Living provides, are the property of Smart Savvy Living and may not be used without written consent.

Giveaway Policies:

  • Giveaways are free of charge when associated with a review. A $75 fee applies otherwise for the time spent writing the post and promoting the giveaway.
  • Giveaway sponsor must be responsible for shipping all prizes, including costs. Any products sent to me will be considered as review items or gifts.
  • Giveaways are hosted on Smart Savvy Living via Rafflecopter or a similar giveaway widget for approximately 2 weeks unless otherwise requested.
  • Main (required) entries usually involve visiting your site and then coming back and commenting with an item they liked or something they learned.
  • You are welcome to request as many optional entries as you like such as following you on social media sites or subscribing to your newsletter. We, however, cannot allow entries that include purchasing a product, which is against FTC regulations, following your page on Google+ as it is against their TOS, or entries that require posting on your Facebook wall, which is against Facebook terms (but can be an optional request in the post itself).
  • Gift cards are welcomed as giveaway prizes. However, we do not accept discount or coupon codes as giveaway prizes. Any prize should cover the cost of at least 1 item at your site/store. We request that any prizes/prize packs have a minimum worth of $25, with the exception of DVD's and books.
  • All giveaways are posted regularly to my social media networks, current  giveaway list and giveaway forums and listing sites.
  • After the winner has been chosen and verified, we will send you their contact info. We request that the winner receive their prize within 2 months and be notified of any delays.

 Contact Michelle:

We thank you for your consideration of partnering with Smart Savvy Living and look forward to working with you. Please email Michelle to discuss review and/or giveaway opportunities.  If you would like more information about other services we offer, please visit our Advertising Information Page.