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LivRelief Pain Relief Cream

This post is sponsored by LivRelief.

One thing that saddens me to see other people have to deal with is chronic physical pain. Unfortunately both Mr. Savvy and I often have bouts of dealing with pain. I often have back pain and various aches in my knees but I consider myself to be pretty lucky to only have experienced pain bad enough to make me cry twice in my life. Mr. Savvy, on the other hand, sadly deals with a lot more pain from injuries throughout the years (having a safe fall on your knee certainly leaves some lasting issues) and also neuropathy. I always feel so badly for him when he's having bad pain days that get in the way of his life. That's why I found the idea of LivRelief pain relief cream really interesting.

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What Makes LivRelief Different?

  • LivRelief uses Delivra which is a patent-pending transdermal delivery system
  • It's the first over-the-counter pain-relief product that blocks five pain pathways
  • All ingredients in LivRelief products are certified, selected for their purity and quality, and sourced primarily from Nordic and European countries that have some of the highest standards for consumer safety
  • Tested and approved by established members of the medical community
  • Developed by a molecular pharmacologist

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I'm personally not the type of person to want to pop a pill every time I feel a bit of pain. Mr. Savvy is also rather stubborn this way. However, dealing with pain can certainly throw your whole day off, especially when you're trying to stay on top of all your responsibilities at work and at home. It's also super frustrating to have seconds thoughts about doing various things from going on a hike or a nice vacation because you fear you won't enjoy it because of pain. So, the idea of getting pain relief from a cream almost seemed too good to be true. But, LivRelief was designed specifically for just that whether you have chronic or sporadic pain. It works as a topical pain reliever using its patent-pending Delivra technology that delivers the active ingredients in LivRelief deep beneath the skin to tackle pain at its source.

The best part is that LivRelief does this without any weird sensations that aim to just distract you from your original pain and it doesn't have a horrible scent. In fact, in has a nice regular lotion scent to it. I like that it is fast-acting and lasts a pretty good amount of time while being non-irritating. LivRelief also contains no parabens, no petroleum, no propylene glycol, and no SLS while also being fragrance-free and gluten-free. I also really appreciate that it is made with over 90% natural ingredients.


You can now buy LivRelief and receive $2 off your purchase when you use promo code ONU56TLN during checkout on Promo code expires on 11/1/16 at 11:59PM PT.

If you deal with pain that gets in your way of living the life you want you can purchase LivRelief at Amazon. If you give it a try I'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!