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HelloFresh Fresh Meal Delivery Review

I received the following products at no cost to facilitate this honest HelloFresh fresh meal delivery review.

Once upon a time I will admit that Mr. Savvy and myself ate a lot of convenience food kits because we were under the impression it was both cheap and time-saving. We were still putting the foods together into a meal, so it couldn’t be that bad, right? Well, in hindsight, looking at the nutritional stats of those types of items, you can certainly eat better, healthier foods. Luckily, over the past few years we’ve changed our eating habits to eat out less and less and only very rarely use convenience items even though we cook most of our meals at home now. Back when we made the transition, HelloFresh fresh meal delivery would  have made things so much easier!

HelloFresh Fresh Meal Delivery Review

With HelloFresh, all fresh ingredients are delivered right to your door in a cooler to keep cold.

The Service: HelloFresh Fresh Meal Delivery

Options Available: Meals are available in quantities for 2 or 4 people and you have the choice of a classic box (includes meat, seafood and fish) or a vegetarian box. Each box contains 3 meals.

Buy It: You can sign up for your own HelloFresh fresh meal delivery at Box prices are around $69 for classic boxes and $59 for vegetarian boxes for 2 people (3 total meals for 2), but you can get $30 off your first box by using this HelloFresh coupon code when checking out: SBNZ2V3 Prices include shipping.

HelloFresh Fresh Meal Delivery Review

HelloFresh Fresh Meal Delivery Review

Most of the fresh ingredients included in the HelloFresh shipment to make a turkey taco salad.

Do you ever have days where you really want to cook a healthy dinner with fresh ingredients but your refrigerator is empty and you don’t feel like or have time to go to the store? To me, that’s what HelloFresh is all about. HelloFresh provides you with all the ingredients to put together a healthy meal in around 30 minutes. There are no oddly textured, who knows how long that has been sitting frozen, pre-packaged meals here. Nope, instead you are provided all of the ingredients (aside from seasonings that we all have around like salt, pepper, oil and butter) to make a dinner for 2 or 4 from fresh ingredients.

As much as I love cooking, I honestly rather detest going to the grocery store. It almost never fails that they are out of what I need, the store is crowded, or there’s only one checkout line open so the line feels like it’s a mile long. You’ve been there, right? So, while I do think that HelloFresh is a bit on the expensive side for many people, I totally loved it for having a break from shopping.

HelloFresh Fresh Meal Delivery Review

The turkey salad was quite delicious with hearty servings (this was only about ⅓ of what the ingredients made). I loved all the different textures!

Here are some times when I think HelloFresh would be perfect:

  • Super busy weeks you need a break from shopping
  • Thank you gifts
  • Newlywed gifts
  • A thinking of you after a death in the family or for caretakers taking care of ill family
  • Single folks or those with significant others that travel or are away from home a lot
  • Having a staycation at home – Mr. Savvy and I always love cooking together

I received my HelloFresh shipment the week after the 4th of July, aka, when it’s really freaking hot in Virginia. So, I was bit worried if all the fresh ingredients would still be cold and, well, fresh. Luckily, HelloFresh did a wonderful job in packing the box, complete with an insulated and padded box and several frozen gel packs. All the foods were still super cold and still had their beautiful fresh food colors.

HelloFresh Fresh Meal Delivery Review

The front of one of the included recipe cards. I love that all the ingredients are clearly shown, along with knowing what you’ll need to provide yourself.

I was really impressed that even with fresh ingredients like steak, fish, tomatoes, avocado, etc. that they didn’t get squished while being shipped, but as you can see from the first photo, everything is packed tightly together so there’s not really much room for things to be flailing about. I love how all the meals are packed in their own transparent baggies with clear labeling so it’s never a question of trying to sort through what is supposed to be used in which meal.  Everything was fresh upon arrival and was still good for the week it took me to cook everything. The only things that were on their last legs by the end of the week were some fresh cut herbs, but that was to be expected in my opinion.

All of the meals also come with their own recipe card complete with directions to make the meal and pictures of what it’s supposed to look like.

HelloFresh Fresh Meal Delivery Review

The back of the recipe card showing easy directions, complete with pictures, on how to cook your meal. Can you tell that I’m a messy hand-on cook? ;)

For our meals we got fish tacos with crunchy slaw, seared steak with sweet potato puree and broccolini, and turkey taco salad. Some of the portions are a bit small. For example, the steaks were a bit smaller than we usually cook, especially for Mr. Savvy, and I usually like to eat a larger serving of vegetables to help me fill up, so I did add an extra veggie to the steak meal. Mr. Savvy isn’t a huge fish fan, so I had the tacos a few days for lunch. Our favorite meal was the turkey salad. It was super filling and a very nice serving. In my picture, I actually only have about ⅓ of the meal instead of half because I knew it would be filling for me. I had never tried warm sauteed vegetables on a salad before, but they were so delicious! I also loved the combination of zucchini, onion and bell and jalapeno peppers so much that I’ve made it as a side to our regular meals several times now.

Final Takeaway: HelloFresh gets the Smart Savvy Living stamp of approval! It’s not something I would invest in every week for us, but is certainly something I’d enjoy using a few times a year and giving as gifts. With today’s busy world being full of processed foods, I’m in love with the idea of getting fresh ingredients shipped right to your door!

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Dee from MadameDeals

Thursday 12th of September 2013

looks like a great service!

Colleen Fowler

Saturday 31st of August 2013

HelloFresh sounds like a great value! I ordered from a company "fresh" produce and it arrived wilted very often. I really like that they pack on ice! I will check into sounds like a nice alternative to use occasionally.


Friday 30th of August 2013

wow, this looks awesome! Eating healthy is not always easy. Sometimes I look at a recipe and don't know some of the ingredients event. This takes all the guess work out of it!