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Funny or Die Game Review

I received a complimentary copy of the game in order to write this Funny or Die Game Review from Hasbro.

I’ll be the first to admit that I love video games. They’re fun, flashy, entertaining and can feel quite immersive with many games allowing you to play with friends all over the world. However, some days I just miss playing an old fashioned game on the coffee table with the family or friends. No matter how advanced video games get, board and card type games have, and likely always will be, one of my favorite entertaining things to do with family and friends. Rolling the dice and moving pieces along the board and asking the same trivia questions over and over can be fun only so many times, though. So, I was quite happy to review the new Funny or Die game from Hasbro.

Funny or Die Game Review


Funny or Die game is available for approximately $14.99 at various stores. It’s currently available for $12.75 at as of 1/16/14.

Funny or Die Game Review

What I Thought was Super Smart About the Funny or Die Game

  • Is recommended for ages 13+, so a great game for families with older kids or parties with friends
  • Features both captions and pictures, where some similar games are just captions
  • A good variety of cards so you can play several times without things getting redundant
  • 3 to 6 players can play together

What I Thought was Not so Savvy About the Funny or Die Game

  • Some of the pictures are rather low quality
  • Some of the cards allude to sexual innuendos or feature cleavage, so may not be best for family game night, but there are so many cards that you can safely remove some without affecting game play
  • Game is very simple to play, but I honestly thought the whole deal with the money was a bit overkill

My Experience with the Funny or Die Game

Mr. Savvy and I both really enjoy a similar card game that is played with captions only, so I thought that the Funny or Die game would be an interesting alternative to try since it also features photos. Plus, with the 13+ rating, it could also potentially be played without alienating some of our family friend’s kids. The game itself is pretty fun to play, and it is nice that it is made finite so you don’t have to spend hours on a round.

Basically, the game starts with a die roll to determine the amount of money each person will need to contribute to the winnings pot and which side of the cards you’ll be playing with (graphic or text). Then the leader player will draw 3 cards to place in the middle of the table that you build upon. Starting with the leader player, everyone then selects 1 card from their hand to pair with 1 of the 3 cards on the table. Then comes the judging phase where all the players give their funny vote and their die vote (you can’t vote for yourself nor put both tokens on 1 set). Then the votes are revealed, and the player with the most funny votes wins the pot, who then becomes the leader and a new round starts until someone runs out of money. The player with the most money left is the ultimate winner.

Funny or Die Game Review

The game is fun to play and is very interactive, though I do think the money aspect, while simple, drags things out a bit. While it is a game that can be played with kids, I do think it is more fun for either all kids to play together or all adults to play together (especially when you start including booze). As we all know, kids tend to find some things funnier than adults, and vice versa. Plus, adults may find humor in certain cards that younger kids don’t really get.

Is the Funny or Die Game a Smart and Savvy Choice?

I think this game is nice for those that have a great sense of humor and don’t mind sarcasm or not always being politically correct. All in all, I’d give the game a 3 out of 5 since it has a few short comings.

shelly peterson

Sunday 2nd of February 2014

We love having game nights. This game looks like fun.

Sarah L

Sunday 19th of January 2014

I'd rather play Clue or Sorry or Cribbage. Doesn't strike me as fun to play.

Julie Wood

Sunday 19th of January 2014

I keep seeing advertisements for this game, but I did not know what it was about. So I would have to say after reading your blog post that I would like to play this game with my family! Thanks for an awesome review.