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6 Tips for a Successful Lunch Meeting

This post with my 6 tips for a successful lunch meeting is part of a sponsored post written by me for LISTERINE® on behalf of Socialstars. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. #LISTERINE

With today’s technology many business meetings are done over the phone or even video chatting, but lunch meetings, or even breakfast, coffee or drinks after the end of the day, are still rather common and perhaps more important than ever to make a good impression face-to-face. Check out our tips for a successful lunch meeting everyone will walk away happy from.

I’ll admit that I’m certainly an introvert. I find it much easier to express myself through written word than verbally out loud, which is a big reason I love blogging so much. However, I know that to meet new people and form better relationships for both work and personal growth, sometimes you just need to meet new people in person. As such, I know first hand how anxious of a time it can be for someone that isn’t immediately outgoing with people they just met. As such, I love having a lunch meeting when meeting new people. There’s just something about getting together for a meal or a couple drinks that takes some of the pressure off. As such, today I wanted to share some tips for a successful lunch meeting if you’re like me and these things don’t always come naturally.

  1. Dress appropriately. Let’s be honest, one of the first impressions we all have of someone is their physical appearance. Be aware of where the business meeting will take place and who you are meeting with as a guide to the proper attire. It’s always better to dress nicer than to underdress. Be sure that your clothing is clean and pressed for the best first impression. If multiple people from your company will be attending, you may even want to ask what they’ll be wearing to make sure you’re all on the same page.
    Most of us need plenty of this to start the day with, but keep in mind what it’s doing to your mouth. No one likes smelling coffee breath!
  2. Be on time. Something that can turn the whole lunch meeting sour is to arrive late. Unexpected stuff happens, so be sure to leave early as it’s better to arrive too early than late, after all. Also, be sure to make a reservation at the restaurant for the lunch meeting. No one wants to be embarrassed by making your client wait for a table. Arriving early can also give you a chance to talk to the waitstaff and let them know you’ll be handling the check if you requested the lunch meeting so it’s not a big deal later on.
  3. Be polite. One of the biggest turn-offs when trying to make a good impression is to be rude. Whether you’ve had a horrible start to your day or things are taking forever at the restaurant, it’s important to keep your cool and be polite to both the waitstaff and the clients you’re meeting with. Not only will it give a good impression, but your clients will likely feel better about making or moving forward with deals with your company because they see you can stay level-headed when things get tough or stressful.
  4. Make small talk. While a business lunch has a goal of obviously talking business, it doesn’t mean you have to talk business the whole time. I like to make small talk at the beginning of the meeting about everyday things like the weather, family, where people are from or things they’ve done recently like vacations. Then, after all the niceties and ordering your meals, you can start to delve into business. This helps build a personal relationship that shows you really care about the client for more than just the business deal.pork-ribs-wideMmm, ribs. Everyone loves them but they aren’t the neatest food to eat…and not likely to help you make a great first impression.
  5. Order safe foods. Even if it’s a restaurant you rarely get to go that has one of your favorite messy meals ever, be sure to order safe foods. You don’t want to get something that you’ll have to do a lot of work to eat or that you have a chance of spilling all over the table and yourself, like pasta sauce. Stick with things like salads, sandwiches, and grilled meats that are pretty easy to eat with a knife and fork and won’t be dripping everywhere. Also, it can be tempting to get a couple drinks, especially if someone else is paying. If who you’re meeting orders a drink then you may want to as well, but remember to not over do it.
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  6. Keep your breath smelling great before and after the meal. No one likes having to smell stinky breath or risking having stinky breath. As such, I always like to have LISTERINE® Pocketpaks in my purse. I use LISTERINE® Antiseptic in my oral hygiene routine as brushing your teeth alone misses a whopping 75% of your mouth, leaving tons of icky germs behind that can lead to oral care issues like plaque and gingivitis. No thanks! Sometimes I will admit that I’m in such a hurry that I do rush out the door having only brushed my teeth and I regret it all day long because my mouth just doesn’t feel as clean as it could without rinsing with LISTERINE® Antiseptic.listerine-pocket-paks-in-purseSo, I find LISTERINE® Pocketpaks super efficient while on the go so I don’t go around surprising anyone with garlic or coffee breath. The packages are small enough to easily fit into your purse or pocket and provide fresh breath without having to excuse yourself to the bathroom. Just pop a strip into your mouth and it’ll dissolve instantly freshening your breath and killing 99% of bad breath germs. With nearly 7 in 10 Americans thinking having an unhealthy mouth, which can lead to bad breath, can threaten your chance of getting hired and most thinking it can impact your chances of getting promoted, I totally think it’s worth always having them in my purse. It’s pretty scary that nearly half of American adults over age 30 have gum disease while almost all adults over age 20 have had cavities at one point. Needless to say, happier mouths are important for us all for both our careers and health. Plus I know I feel much more confident when I know I’m talking with a clean mouth.To find out more about LISTERINE® Brand products, visit You can also follow LISTERINE® on Facebook for the latest updates on products.

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