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5 Ways Fabric Conditioner Protects Your Laundry

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. #ProtectClothesYouLove

We all use various products daily to help protect various things. For example, we use lotion to protect our skin, and conditioner to protect our hair. You likely already know that fabric conditioner helps to make your laundry feel nice but did you know that it protects your laundry, too? Keep reading to see 5 ways fabric conditioner protects your laundry. We’re personally big fans of Downy Fabric Conditioner and it’s the only one I allow in our house!

5 Ways Fabric Conditioner Protects Your Laundry

1. It protects your clothes in the washer. Washing your clothes repeatedly does inevitably eventually break them down. However, using fabric conditioner helps colors stay true and resist fading longer. Also, when in the washer your garments are being stretched and rubbed together. Downy conditions, strengthens, and even lubricates the fibers to help protect your clothing from the friction and agitation.

2. You lengthen the life of your clothing. It’s always a sad day when your favorite t-shirt has completely lost its shape so much that you feel like you’re wearing a sack three sizes too big. However, when you use fabric conditioner, your clothes can bounce back to their store-bought form instead of losing their shape.




3. Downy helps your laundry stay fresher longer. I will admit I have thrown my fair share of laundry away because it just plain stunk. Pets can get things stinky over time and sometimes you forget to wash those towels you rarely use. However, one of the biggest reasons I love Downy is its awesome scent. It can help get musty odors out and also make you want to curl up with your favorite blanket and read.

4. Your laundry will be unbelievably soft. The other reason I love Downy? It makes everything feel ultra comfy and soft. I’ve gotten rid of items or added them to the rag pile that have gotten dried out and brittle over time. But, by using Downy they stay smooth and soft a lot longer so that’s less money wasted on buying new linens and clothing.


5. Towels will never be the same. One of the best simple joys in life is stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself up in a super soft, slightly warm towel that smells of Downy freshness. Washing towels on their own can make them feel on the super dry side. Over time, they also start pilling and get a bit fuzzy. Luckily, using Downy not only keeps them super soft but also helps protect them from wearing down longer.

One thing to remember is that while fabric conditioner is awesome for most laundry, it’s not for everything so be sure to check the tag of your item first. If you’re ready to buy Downy to use in your next load of laundry to help it last longer, head over to Walmart where you can always find the best deal!