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5 Tips for Good Hair Days

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sam’s Club. All opinions are 100% mine.

My hair has always been a feature of mine that I’ve been happy with and proud of no matter how skinny or fat or just not pretty I may have felt at the time. It’s something that’s always gotten me compliments and even free styling just because hairdressers love “playing” with it so much. So, it’s one thing I always try to take care of and have look my best, especially since I’m not a huge makeup person.


However, bad hair days are inevitable. Plus, for me, when they’re bad...well, they’re REALLY bad. So,  I thought I’d share 5 tips for good hairs days that have worked for me.


5 Tips for Good Hair Days


1. Never, I mean never ever ever, go to bed with wet or even damp hair. I’m not a morning person so it’s always tempting for me to take a shower last thing at night and then go to bed, with wet hair. But trust me when I say not to do it! My hair just ends up a big, frizzy, curly mess..and I don’t even have curly hair. I think I might have scared Mr. Savvy just a little the first time he saw me with overnight wet hair. ;)


2. Don’t wash your hair too much. I know a lot of us feel grody if we don’t take at least one, if not multiple showers a day. However, washing your hair so much really doesn’t help you have more good hair days. Every time you wash your hair, it actually strips all the natural oils, etc. My hair reacts much better to being washed every other day.


3. Go easy on the styling. Can you believe I’m 28-years-old and have never had a perm or colored my hair? Yep, it’s true, and one of the reasons I think my hair has remained in such good shape over the years. Having constant work to your hair strips it of its natural properties and can sometimes even “fry” it. Have fun expressing yourself, but do remember to give it time to recover now and then.


4. When you have a bad hair day and just don’t have time, make it an updo day. No matter what you do, some days you’re just going to have a bad hair day. If you happen to have long enough hair, an updo can look just as fabulous. A messy bun is a classy look while a ponytail can be taken to the next level by incorporating a small braid.


5. Use hair care products that work for you. One of the biggest ways, of course, to help your hair have mostly good hair days is to use hair care products that work well with your hair. I mainly only use shampoo and conditioner and have a few brands that I rotate around.


One of my favorite combos to use are Sleek N Shine® Shampoo and Sleek N Shine® Conditioner by Garnier®. They leave my hair clean without weighing it down, give it nutrition to remain strong and shiny and leave a nice light scent. If you color your hair, there’s also Color Shield® Shampoo and Color Shield® Conditioner. Plus, I love that I can buy Garnier products at Sam’s Club so I know I’m getting a great price, which is especially important to me since I have long, thick hair and tend to go through a bottle of shampoo and conditioner rather quickly.

What special hair needs do you deal with that Garnier® products could help you with?