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5 Things To Do After Moving

So, you've got everything for your move prepared. But - are you prepared for life right after the move? Check out these super important 5 things to do after moving.

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Moving is never fun. It's actually quite stressful no matter how well you plan or are organized.

I say that as someone that has moved 6 times in the past 10 years and within the next couple of months it will be #7. Ahhhh!

There's almost always something that goes wrong before the move or in the process. It usually leaves us just wanting to get moved and settled.

You may think once everything is moved over you can collapse onto the couch and everything is easy going at this point. But, there are plenty of things to do after your move that shouldn't be procrastinated for very long, too.

5 Things To Do After Moving

1. Unpack the essentials. One of the best things to help keep things stress-free after a move is to pack a box, or boxes if needed, of the essential things you need immediately.

This includes medications (don't forget the pets), toiletries and hygiene items, maybe a set of dishes and silverware per person (even if paper/plastic), a skillet and basic cooking utensils, a change or two of clothing, and anything else you tend to use daily.

2. Change the locks and keycodes. You definitely want to feel secure wherever you live.

However, you never know if a previous tenant or owner still has a set of keys they didn't hand over. Plus, you never know who they may have given a key to at some point.

These days a lot of homes have keypad entries and security systems that require a pin, too. It's always a good idea to change all the locks and codes to be safe.

3. Make sure your address is updated. These days just about everyone gets all sorts of things shipped to them via USPS and other shipping carriers.

You definitely don't want those things going to your old address, especially if you've moved far away. So, don't forget to make sure your address is updated for all your online shopping, bills, etc.

It can be so easy to be on autopilot and checkout without even checking the address. I also like to set up alerts that most shipping carriers offer these days so I know where a package is set to be delivered.

4. Know where the important things are. Stuff definitely happens, often at less than desired times.

Do you know where the main water shutoff is? Can you find the circuit breakers in the dark? If you have a gas line, where can it be turned off in an emergency?

Do you know where the closest hospital is? What if you need a 24-hour pharmacy or to take your pet to the emergency vet?

Take a few minutes to make sure where these important things and places are to be better prepared.

5. Give important areas a quick clean. Everything may look clean on the surface but let's be real. You just never know.

Give things like your countertops and bathrooms a quick clean before you first use them. Check the lint trap and even the hose on the dryer. Not everyone cleans them like they should.

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