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3 Reasons I Love TUMS + TUMS Coupons

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Do you suffer from heartburn? Check out these 3 reasons I love TUMS to treat my heartburn.

I've had issues with heartburn ever since I was a teen. Back then I had heartburn just about every night, likely due to my less than great diet. These days I eat a lot better than I did back then and no longer struggle with daily heartburn, but I still have trigger foods (and sometimes stress) that have me reaching for my trusted antacid that I've been using for the past 15 years: TUMS.

3 Reasons I Love TUMS

1. TUMS really do work, and quickly, too. If you suffer from heartburn you know just how debilitating it can sometimes be. The pain and discomfort can sometimes be so bad that it stops you in your tracks and almost takes your breath away. All you want is relief, fast. That's why I always reach for TUMS when I have heartburn. I always feel relief before I even finish chewing the two tablets.

2. TUMS come in a variety of flavors and sizes. Whether you enjoy tropical fruit flavors, berry flavors or the refreshing flavor of peppermint, TUMS has something for you. They also come in a variety of sizes so you can have a small pack in your purse or pocket or a value size in the bathroom for the whole family to use.

3. TUMS actually don't taste too darn bad. I've had other brands of antacids that actually made my heartburn worse because they tasted so bad I felt like vomiting on top of everything else. Ick. TUMS, however, actually don't taste bad at all, nor do they have that super chalky texture that some other brands do. I especially like the TUMS Smoothies because they dissolve quickly and have a very smooth texture.

Since TUMS work so well for me and I'm never quite sure when I'll have a bout of heartburn, I always have some near by. There's always a bottle in my office, one in the bedroom night stand, and I usually even carry some in my purse just in case. Last week we went for a day trip in Richmond and the first thing I made sure to pack in my purse were my TUMS Smoothies because I knew we'd be having delicious BBQ but I also knew I might pay for it later. Luckily with TUMS I never have to suffer long!

If you also love TUMS or just want to give it a try, here are 2 TUMS coupons you can print at home:

This TUMS coupon is for $1.25 off any one TUMS Value Size (140 count or larger) and expires 8/31/16.

This TUMS coupon is for $1 off any one TUMS (32 - 96 count) and expires 8/31/16.

3 reasons I love TUMS