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10 Mocktail Recipes

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These 10 mocktail recipes are so delicious you won’t even miss the alcohol!

10 mocktail recipes and non alcoholic drink recipes

When I originally put together this post on Money Savvy Michelle it was for New Years. However, I know there are a ton of holiday parties just around the corner and a lot of us don’t drink alcohol or need kid-friendly drinks so they don’t feel left out when it comes to fun and colorful drinks. So, I thought I’d reshare this post with 10 mocktail recipes or non alcoholic drink recipes.

Besides, without the alcohol, most drinks are less in calories which is a great way to keep your waistline happy this holiday season…or you can be like me and use it as an excuse for an extra cookie. ;)

10 Mocktail Recipes

1.  Mock Champagne – This is so tasty you won’t even miss the booze.

2.  Alcohol-Free Mojitos – Mojitos are my favorite drink and with the addition of lime sherbet, these sound great.

3.  Sparking Apple Juice – A fizzy drink all ages are sure to love!

4.  Fuzzy Lemon Fizz – Peach and 7-Up?  I’ll definitely be trying this one!

5.  Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri – Perfect for warmer climates – who can say no to a strawberry daiquiri?

6.  Sparkling Cran Razzy – I love combining seltzer and cranberry juice, so this looks like a great way to kick it up a notch!

7. Blackberry Pomegranate Spritzer – Yum, pomegranate has become one of my favorite flavors this past year!

8.  Green Lemonade – This looks like a drink even the kids would love!

9.  Michigan Fizz – With Cherry and Ginger Ale, what’s not to love?

10.  Hot Toddy Mocktail – I love this drink to warm up with.  You can also use regular black tea instead of the tea packets, you will just likely want a bit more honey for sweetness.

Bonus: Truffle Hot Chocolate Balls – I couldn’t not include a hot chocolate recipe since it’s a cold time of year even though it’s not really a mocktail! Kids will love rolling these together and making a mess.  Super easy to flavor customize and pre-make.

What are some of your favorite mocktail recipes?

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