Dinner Rolls


- Yeast - Water - Milk - Butter - Egg - Honey or sugar - Salt - Flour

Reader Reviews

"These are the BEST rolls ever!! My family requests these at every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter." - Audri (Website review) "This is the first time my homemade rolls turned out right.... delicious! Thanks for all the extra tips and instructions... it helped me. " -Regina (Website review)


Mix yeast with water and allow to proof. If you don't see bubbles after 10 minutes, try fresh yeast and make sure your water isn't too hot.


Warm up milk, butter, salt, and sugar. While it cools, if needed, start mixing together the yeast mixture, egg, and flour.


Knead until dough comes together, is slightly elastic, and not super sticky.


Spray or coat with oil, cover, and allow to double in size.


After doubling in size, roll dough into rolls, place in baking dish, and allow to double in size again.


Preheat oven and bake until golden brown.

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For extra softness, deliciousness, and to look even more appetizing - brush with melted butter just before serving.