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5 Easy Ways to Keep Pet Fur Under Control

Love your pets but hate their fur everywhere? You won't want to miss these 5 easy ways to keep pet fur under control.

This is a sponsored article written by Smart Savvy Living on behalf of Neato Robotics®.

I'm not a total neat freak by far. In fact, I sometimes wish I was so I would be more motivated to have a regular cleaning schedule.

I've also had at least one cat or dog for pretty much as long as I can remember. So, I'm not a stranger to pet fur and have grown to not mind a few stray hairs on our clothes.

However, a big pet peeve (pun intended) of mine is feeling like I never get done vacuuming up fur bunnies from our floors and furniture. It's even more lovely when I even see occasional tufts of it flying through an air like a dandelion.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Pet Fur Under Control

While all the cats definitely contribute to the fur issue, the main culprit is our long-haired beautiful cat Chewie. We, of course, love him dearly, so I've been trying to implement more of these 5 easy ways to keep pet fur under control for my sanity, and some of our friends that have cat allergies.

chewie-on-cat-tree jpg

This is our big beautiful long-haired cat, Chewie. He's awesome, but holy fluff, he never stops shedding.

1. Brush your pet's fur regularly. It can be a messy job, but brushing your pets regularly, especially during shedding season, can help a lot to keep pet fur under control.

I like to brush our cats a few minutes most days while we watch TV on the couch. Plus, the cats really enjoy it and it helps strengthen our bond.

2. Cover furniture your pets frequent with covers or blankets. Or current couch collects fur like it's magnetic.

I could probably vacuum it a few times a day and still not get it all. That's why I like to cover our couch with a cover or blankets.

The cats love sleeping on them, plus to clean up, especially for our cat allergy prone friends, all I have to do is throw them in the washer.

3. Use rugs in high pet-traffic areas. I noticed that once we moved from an almost all carpeted house to an almost all hard floors house, that our fur bunny issue radically increased.

Carpet definitely catches the fur better, so use some rugs to help keep the fur contained in small areas, making it easier to clean up.

4. Give your pets their own furniture. Pets obviously shed more on the places they inhabit most.

For us, that tend to be furniture or any warm, cozy area. That's why we let our cats have plenty of their own beds and cat trees.

I love the cat beds with covers that can be taken off and tossed into the washer, and the trees do a good job of catching a lot of the fur.

neato robotics vacuum

5. Hands-off cleaning with Neato Robotics®. Neato Robot Vacuums are known as being Best for Pets for a reason - they're full of awesomeness.

For one, you can clean your house of fur hands-free without any wires or even having to be there as you can schedule cleanings and Neato will even return itself to the base to recharge.

Plus, it has several features that make it great for picking up fur like having bigger debris bins and bigger brushes that are both easy to clean. It also has a square edge to get into corners and hard to reach spots so you don't have to worry about wasting time to go behind it cleaning up.

I'm so happy to be able to reclaim a good chunk of my day instead of having to feel like I'm vacuuming constantly! Neato even has an awesome Shed Solutions Guide of their own on their site that you'll want to check out.