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What's The Best Mop When You Have Pets?

Have pets that constantly make a mess and left wondering what's the best mop when you have pets? Check out our favorite below.

As I've mentioned before, we have a few cats that we've rescued over the years. I wouldn't give them up for anything but I have to be honest and say they can make quite the mess, and not only in the litter box.

Sometimes they go into the screened porch and get into the flower pots and come back in with muddy paw prints. Cat puke also definitely happens. One thing I use almost every day in cleaning is a mop. I've certainly tried some less than awesome mops.

Some have literally fallen apart after a few uses. Others just can't keep up with scrubbing up the slightly more than occasional paw prints and puke. Other mops have worked okay but just aren't comfortable to use regularly.

What I Look For In A Good Mop

  • Cleans well on a variety of surfaces without being hard to use
  • Affordable and get a good number of uses before having to replace
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Helps to not leave a puddle of water everywhere

One mop that I have always gone back to again and again is the Libman Wonder mop.

Why I Love The Libman Wonder Mop

  • It's easy to wring out - I don't have to bend way over which my back appreciates
  • It wrings out more water - which means the floor dries faster and there's less risk of the cats stepping in any chemicals or slipping
  • It picks up a lot more dirt than other mops I've tried
  • Usable on pretty much all surfaces and the mop head can be washed up to 50 times

So, what's the best mop when you have pets? The Libman Wonder Mop certainly gets two thumbs up from me and 4 paws up from the furry mess makers. If you'd like to give the Libman Wonder Mop a try you can find it at Walmart. Be sure to use this $3 off Libman coupon that you can get when you sign up for the Libman Company newsletter.

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