Shortbread Hershey Kiss Cookies

Make Shortbread Dough

Shortbread is egg-free, less sweet and more crumbly compared to sugar cookies. It gets most of its flavor from using a high-quality butter and is nut-free compared to traditional peanut butter blossoms.

Roll Into Balls

Roll the cookie dough into 1-inch balls and place on a cookie sheet. I line the sheet with a silpat for easy clean up.

Time To Bake

The cookies won't spread much while baking. Only the very edge should get golden brown.

Add A Kiss

Add a Hershey Kiss to the center of each cookie. It's totally normal for the cookies to crack just a bit.

Move To A Cooling Rack

Gently move the cookies to a cooling rack to cool completely.


Shortbread cookies last around a week at room temperature and even longer in the fridge making them great for gifting. Just keep them in a sealed container.