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Ham Glaze Without Orange Juice

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"I am not someone who usually cooks any holiday meals. Not because I don’t want to but because I’m not a very good cook. So when my mom said she wanted ham for New Years, that’s what we both set out to do. Long story short, I followed your entire post to a T and the ham was the most juiciest and most flavorful ham I’ve ever had. So thank you so much!! " -Melissa (Website review)


- Brown sugar - Flour - Mustard - Cinnamon - Nutmeg - Cloves - Vinegar - Honey - Water, if needed


Whisk together sugar, flour, mustard (if dry), and spices, breaking down any clumps.


Whisk in vinegar and honey. If it's too thick to brush on, add water.


Score the ham if it's not sliced. Brush on the glaze.


See our recipe post for notes on cooking your ham.

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Make sure to cover large hams with foil to help keep them moist. See the next slide for ways to use ham leftovers!