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5 Family-Friendly Local Summer Activities

Budgets remain tight for many of us in the upcoming summer months. I remember back when I was a young child our family was fortunate enough to be able to afford a family vacation every summer.

As I grew into my tween years though, some health issues in the family really impacted our budget so we weren't able to go on those vacations anymore.

However, it didn't mean we couldn't have just asmuch fun as a family at home and in the community with these 5 family-friendly local summer activities.

5 Family-Friendly Local Summer Activities

1. Go for a family bike ride or hike. Going on a family bike ride or hike is a great way to get out and see what's in your community as a family and learn more about nature together while helping everyone be active.

If it's just too hot, you can always go to an indoors farmer's market and have everyone pick out produce item to cook together, walk around the mall and end the day with ice cream, etc.

2. Make homemade ice cream and lemonade. Making homemade ice cream was a big deal for me back when I was a kid.

We had the older electric kind that needed ice and salt and I thought it was just so cool we could make our own ice cream. We'd always have some family and friends over to share and it was just a fun time for bonding.

Now you don't even need an ice cream maker! This easy 3 ingredient ice cream recipe without an ice cream maker is actually our favorite now.

5 family friendly local summer activities

3. Go swimming. This seems to be another summer favorite for myself and many other families whether you have a local beach or just a community or backyard pool!

4. Have a backyard family olympics showdown. Is your family full of a bunch of competitors?

See who can win the family gold medal in various events depending on the age of your kids. Jump rope, sack races, dashes, volley ball, tossing balls, etc. are all great event ideas!

5. Have a family picnic in the backyard or at a local park. One of my favorite things do with my parents as a kid was to randomly pack up a picnic and head to the local park with a lake where we could feed the ducks and sometimes even fish.

You could also have a cookout or pack up some food and throw down a big blanket in your own back yard.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 Family-Friendly Local Summer Activities - what are some ways you have fun as a family during the summer?